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The concept of selling retail goods using electronic media in particular the internet is called as e-tailing. Retailing over the internet is a Business to customer business model that executes a transaction between businessman and the final consumer. The research tries to identify the influencers of consumers’ perception towards e-tailing in Chennai. Sample size was 100 in all obtained through purpose sampling technique. Researcher designed questionnaire is with 5 point scale in the continuum of agreeing. Reliability of this tool is 0.86 and 0.94. Path analysis was used for data analysis. The path analysis found that there is influence of website image and website involvement on consumer perception towards e-tailing. It is also discovered that there is influence of website image and consumer perception on repurchase intention towards e-tailing. Hence, it is concluded that principles can play a serious position in the configuration, website image and preservation of long-standing relationships with e-tailing consumers. In order to effectively work a profitable website from a moral viewpoint, online retailers require understanding how consumers’ moral perceptions are shaped.

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