A Study of Customer Satisfaction Level of Ola and Uber Paid Taxi Services with Special Reference to Mumbai City

Mr. Maulika Chandra, Mr. Harwinder Singh Dhillo, Mr.Tushar Gupta, Dr O P Pathak


Every other day in India, there is a new start up offering efficient cab service to the citizens operating in urban and rural lifestyles. This raises a question that is India going through a possible 'Taxi Revolution'? In this paper an attempt has been made to study the customer satisfaction level of the people who are using OLA and UBER cabs in Mumbai city. In the paper it shows who is leading the paid taxi market in Mumbai city, reasons for choosing OLA/UBER over other Auto/Bus services. It has also been seen that almost 100% respondents are using paid taxi services in Mumbai city i.e. OLA/UBER. This article seeks to understand the dynamics of Mumbai’s taxi market by studying various factors like the pricing, market share, revenue models, app convenience, etc.

Key words: OLA, UBER, Cab services, Mumbai City


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