Female Migrants and Postcoloniality in The Final Passage by Caryl Phillips

Anchal Maheshwari


Due to the globalization and multiculturalism many people migrated to England from their native place. People migrated with a hope for their golden future but gradually their hopes scattered when they came to know about the reality of the crucial behavior of the host countries. During the migration, people always swing between two cultures, the native culture and the culture of the host country in which they  migrate. Apart from the cultural problem migrants have to face a lot of other barriers in building their future or identity. Migration is the major theme of the postcolonial literature and herewith the paper will reflect light on the condition of female migrants. It is true that all migrants suffer during the process of migration but female migrants have to suffer more because of their inferior sex, as regarded by the society. In this paper a scrutinized study will be done in the terms of the predicament of female immigrants of Caryl Phillips’ The Final Passage.

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