Rural health system in India

Dr Virendra Chawre, Mohd Hanief Wani


The objectives of this paper are to analyze the progress of different health centers in India and to find out the health centers functioning in India. The rural health system in India has been divided into three categories the Sub centers, the Primary health centers and Community health centers. According to the population norms, one sub-center is established for each 5000 population in plain areas and for each 3000 population in hilly/tribal/deserted tract areas.  One PHC is given for each 30000 rural population in the plains and one PHC for each 20000 population in hilly, tribal, desert areas for more effective coverage and one CHC are currently provided on the population norms of 1 for every 120000 in general area and 1 for every 80000 in tribal/hilly/desert areas. All the health centers show better performance in terms of progress, building position and functioning in India

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