Demonetisation and its Impact on Major Macro Economics Indicators in India

Dr. Sandeep kumar, Preeti Dabas


This research paper tries to highlight the impact of demonetisation on different sector of economy.  Demonetisation is Monterey tools that applied too withdrawal of a particular form of currency from circulation. Indian economy experienced three time demonetisation i.e first time in January 1946, then in January 1978 and November 2016.  There is huge difference in case of impact of magnitude in this demonetisation. The current demonetisation (November 2016) had more effect on economy as compare to earlier decisions. Many news agencies and report considered this era as the black days of economy. Many studies favour and others against this decisions. The present research paper is also an attempt in this direction and examines the impact of demonetisation on Indian economy. 

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