Visual Monikers in Entrepreneurial Choices

Colonel J Satpathy, Prof Prabhati Pati, Prof Ahalya Hejmadi, Prof Sayalee Gankar, Dr Shishuka Malhotra



Proficiency postures are inevitable part of entrepreneurial activities. Making cogent strategic choices is a entrepreneurial action. Entrepreneur plays substantial role in gainful advance with initiative, skill and motivation to express and execute. Any iteration of proficiency, as an anthropological endeavour, would need some explanation of substrates, mechanisms and variable effects. Exploration on entrepreneurial neuro - oriented judgment has extended from neuro - oriented comportment to rational approach with focus on processes that ensue prior to response. Any prototype, in VUCA continuum, accounts for verdicts that aid neuro - oriented ‘deciding to decide’, ‘choosing to choose’, ‘deciding to choose’ and ‘choosing to decide’. These are ‘bordered boundaries’ wherein entrepreneur has to arrive at optimal judgment. Entrepreneurs make judgments that involve optimising trade - offs to weigh merits and demerits of all alternatives. 

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