Pharmacokinetics- Analysis using Mathematical Modelling

Dr. Vivek Parkash


Pharmacokinetics deals with the study of the measurement of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion with respect to time. A drug’s effectiveness is a function of its concentration. So, it would be useful to monitor its concentration.When a drug is inhaled, it acts at specific sites within our body.These sites receiving action of drugs are generally inaccessible to our observations and are widely distributed in the body, and therefore direct measurement of drug concentrations at these sites is not feasible. When drug is administered into the body,various processes such as absorption, distribution, metabolism, and eliminationare involved in fluctuating drug concentrations in tissues,plasma,organs and fluids. Simplifications of body processes are necessary to predict a drug’s behaviour in the body. This is where the mathematical principles become handy. Mathematical models of the dynamics of a drug within the patient are now commonly used to monitor drug development. These generally focus on assessing the effectiveness and duration of response to guide patient’streatment.

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