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In the present era of technological advancement and media influence, advertisement plays a vital role in changing the consumers’ perception and also the consumption pattern. Especially celebrity endorsements play an vital role in the current advertisements. Nowadays, consumers are exposed to thousands of voices and images of celebrity endorsers in advertisements every day. This study focused on analyze the influence of celebrity endorsement on undergraduates’ purchasing behavior. The major objective is to explore the impact of celebrity endorsement on undergraduates’ purchasing behavior. Hence findings of this study would be used to identify how celebrity advertisements influence the undergraduates’ purchasing behavior and to effectively design the advertising campaigns to promote the brand. The study framework was developed as the celebrity endorsement as independent variable and purchasing behavior as dependent variable. Study population is undergraduates of Eastern University, Sri Lanka and by using convenience sampling 100 undergraduates were selected as sample of this study. Structured questionnaires were used to collect the primary data and the data have been analyzed based on both descriptive analysis method. The study results revealed that, there is a significant relationship between the sources of celebrity endorsement and undergraduates’ purchasing behavior.

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