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The work builds on recent streams of research on Service Environment Quality and their relationship with Ambient Condition, Tangibility and Social Factor. It explore whether gender of service user (patients) should be regarded as an important indicator influence perception about Service Environment Quality of hospital (Service Space). The data was collected from 400 in-patients admitted in Public Hospital (Udhampur, J&K, India). The Exploratory Factor Analysis result indicated that there are differences in the Service Environment Quality dimensions, which are important for male and female groups. Further hypothesis results also supported that gender influence ambient condition and social factor, however gender did not influence much toward tangible dimension of Service Environment Quality. The research paper also suggests managerial implication and direction for future research.

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Kumari, N., & Patyal, S. (2017). Gender in Evaluation of Service Environment Quality of Public Health Care Services. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 5(3), 22-31. Retrieved from