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Academic Institutes are considered as Knowledge Houses where knowledge flows from teachers to students and new knowledge is created. The information generated is covered in different forms and sources like books, journal articles, thesis or dissertations, technical reports, fact finding reports, case studies, patents, development of test methods and standards, different scholarly communications etc. Every academic institution contributes to knowledge. All knowledge generating organizations like industries, R and D centers, and higher education academics from colleges to universities are in search of new concepts in their subject of interest and also contribute to knowledge through various means. The generated information and knowledge is to be compiled at central place and disseminated among the society for further growth. It is observed that the generated knowledge in the academic institute is not stored or captured properly It is also observed that many a times generated information or knowledge in the academic institute is not known to any one and remains as grey literature, which might be useful if proper recoding is maintained in the organization. In this paper the author discussed the knowledge management concept, importance of knowledge management in education sector especially traditional colleges in Pune City, strategies used to capture students, teachers and processes knowledge and suggested knowledge management process for traditional higher educational institute based on the survey conducted. This article will be useful to all educational institutes who interested to practice and apply knowledge management process.

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