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This article seeks to create a working synergy between administrative law and a working concept of good governance in Nigeria under a democratic regime. Administrative Law is a branch of Constitutional Law. It was part of English legal system imported into Nigeria through the instrumentality of local legislation in 1863. The concept of good governance pre-supposed a good plan action for nation building and national development. It encapsulates transparency and accountability in the management of public affairs and the full involvement of all people in the political process and in decision affecting their lives. This article furthermore examines briefly the concept of administrative law and the challenges of good governance in Nigeria under a democratic system of government. It examines holistically the concept of good governance in other to achieve the socio-economic, political and technological development that is dreamt of by every developing nation across the world. Lastly the article succinctly examines the need for urgent legal reforms in all sphere of the nation’s life in order to ensure and secure an efficient political administration among the citizenry in Nigeria.

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Nabiebu, M., & Out, M. T. (2019). Administrative Law and the Challenges of Good Governance in Nigeria under Democratic System of Government: The Exigency of Legal Reforms. Frontiers in Finance and Economics , 16(1), 45-70. Retrieved from