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In any fast-growing economy, the potentials of ICTs with attendant innovations of 21st century must be fully explored for the enhancement of language development. More importantly, teachers remain the key role in determining what students learn. This survey, therefore, investigated teachers perception of the use, adequately and availability of information and communications Technologies (ICTs) in English language classrooms.. Using questionnaire and interview schedule in data sourcing, 84 teacher where randomly selected from 15 secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Analysis of data involved mean, standard deviation and chi-square, correlation coefficient(r) and ANOVA. Results indicated that English language teachers appreciate the potentials of technologies but lack the confidence and initiative to use them. The perception of teachers differs more on awareness by standard deviation of 3.05 and 1.99 respectively. Furthermore, the perception of technologies by male teacher varied greatly than those of the females respectively. Finally, teachers were enjoined to prepare earnestly for the best futuristic practices by embracing the challenges of ICT facilities in language pedagogy through continuous training and retraining.


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Ekere, O. S., & Akpan, A. G. (2019). Innovations and Best Practices: Managing Language Teachers’ Perception of Information and Communication Technologies in Nigeria Context. Frontiers in Finance and Economics , 16(1), 84-91. Retrieved from