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In this research, a new blended learning design use of IT for teaching, learning and communication using digital learning materials principals of design are evaluated. Workplace learning and learning from work the interplay between experiences of the learner and the curriculum of the program. The approach is taken to customising the e-learning design to the needs and demands of a case. This research demonstrates a critical understanding of recent developments in learning theories relating to the social, emotional, organisational, economic and political dimensions & contexts of learning. Critically analyse informal learning and formal learning and the relationship between the two. Synthesise and evaluate the evidence relating to the connection between learning and performance in the workplace.

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Adetayo, E. I., Samuel, O. O., Bulus, A., Elemure, I. E., Ige, T., & Oladapo, A. B. (2019). Effectiveness evaluation of theories of workplace learning as a supportive learning environment. Frontiers in Finance and Economics , 16(1), 101-108. Retrieved from