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In Nada yoga the sound speed of an object vibrates (as well as its size, however infinitesimal) contributes to its particular sound. Different tone and frequencies contains the subject of meditation in Nada Yoga, which also takes into consideration the musical intervals used in music and in the musical recitation of mantras, is brought together with meditation techniques and certain Hatha Yoga practices that are conducive to sonic exploration. Recently a study conducted on anxiety and hypertension level in Raigarh entitled as “The effect of Nada Yoga on Hypertension and anxiety level”.  The outcome of the study shows that Nada Yoga significantly reduces Anxiety as well as Hypertension. Results founds were surprisingly shows a significant difference between the two means, at .01 level of significance. It shows how Nada Yoga can effectively help to reduce anxiety and hypertension as well as many improves in health also.

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Naveen Kumar, & Kuldeep singh. (2019). Effect of Nada Yoga on Hypertension & Anxiety Level. GIS Business, 14(6), 1-16.