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Self-leadership is the foundation of any leadership development initiative. It helps in developing an understanding of who you are (self), what you can do (your ability) and the ability to influence your communication, emotions, and behavior on the path to reach your goal. It is also related to the greater insight of work satisfaction, effective work relationships, enhanced communication, quality management, and in terms of health outcomes, less work stress and greater perceived wellness. The purpose of this paper is not only to study how Self- Leadership helps to succeed and motivate team to improve themselves and increase their productivity but also to explore how it may help an individual to come out of the stress and maintain proper work- balance. Further the research intends to evaluate self-leadership as the most effective tool for enhancing one’s performance at the workplace and how it further affects the performance of the team.

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Manshi, & Sunil K. Mishra. (2019). Self-Leadership as a Tool for Enhancing Performance at Workplace. GIS Business, 14(6), 76-88.