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Certified coffee production is an opportunity for the cultivator to differ his product. In any case, the quantity of certified producers is still comparatively very less. So as to contribute to the spread of accreditation among ranchers, the purpose of this research work is to distinguish the components that decide its reception, based on a sample of certified and non-certified cultivators from Karnataka and Kerala in India. Quantitative information was dissected through logistic regression. Results demonstrated that three factors were critical in clarifying the accreditation reception: membership in the organization; source of income from different yields as well as the size of landholding. These outcomes extend the current information about coffee certifications and can manage activities to build the number of certified producers.

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Shilpa L, & Vikas Singh. (2019). Determinant Factors in Adopting Certifications Among Coffee Growers in India. GIS Business, 14(6), 89-95.