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Food is a most needed to live a healthy life. Food products give us with needed nutrition and play an important role to maintain good health which also prevents us from serious health issues. But, recent times the main cause for a diseases is food, because some of the foods are highly adulterated by producers to earn more gain. The core objective of this research paper is to know the awareness on food adulteration among customers, and to verify the customers’ preference for buying of food products. Primary and secondary data has been collected to justify the objective of the research paper and with the analysis like chi-square test, mean score and simple percentage method. Convenient sampling technique was used to collect the data. 50 respondents were collected through a structured questionnaire. The main finding of the research is that more number of the literate customers also had lacked in knowledge about food adulteration and customers are adopting poor buying practices which are a root cause for rise in food adulteration and food contamination.

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S.Samuel Thangaraj, & Dr. L. Cesis Dastan. (2019). The Extent Consumer Awareness On Food Adulteration Influencing The Buying Behaviour Of Consumers With Special Reference To Chennai City. GIS Business, 14(6), 105-110.