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According to the era of millennial, the boon pester power as opposed to prevailing school of thought that have tended to prioritise parental perspectives, a bane in purchasing shopping things. Pester power in other words is a good-natured game between parent and child, opposing to the negative outcomes of a purchase encounter always suggested and nagged by their childrenthey may not otherwise. The paper identifies various dimensions, such as Source of information about new products, Reason for purchase request of the product by child, Child influence on family purchase, Type of pestering, Parents response to child pestering, Child’s reaction towards parents response as the prominent significant factors behind a powerful weapon pestering. The study has recognised that the children pestering strategy have influenced parents in purchasing lot of FMCG products along with their own alternatives for the family.

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Dr. G. Hemalatha, & P. Shirisha. (2019). Child’s Powerful Purchase Weapon - Pester Power. GIS Business, 14(6), 111-115.