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The paper focuses on the emergence of Knowledge Management in Pharmaceutical Companies and its impact on employee’s awareness and service quality. The present era is coping its attention towards Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management has become a most needed approach and various strategies that are adopted for managing knowledge. There are various effects of Knowledge Management in employee awareness and service quality. The objective of the study is to analyze different types of Knowledge Management Techniques adopted in Pharmaceutical Companies and to examine its effect of services in the organization. This study is analytical and conceptual since my research work is still in progress. The data taken is secondary and descriptive in nature which explores the detailed analysis of strategies adopted in companies by integrating insights from the literature on Organizational Services and Knowledge Management. Detailed research may be undertaken to equip the Pharmaceutical Companies with Knowledge Management to bench mark their talent management practices and identify the gaps in development road of execution that generate innovative ideas for development of companies and to up bring the human resource skills.


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E. Nafeza. (2019). Knowledge Management in Pharmaceutical Companies in Chennai City – A Study with reference to Employee’s Awareness and Service Quality. GIS Business, 14(6), 146-150.