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With constant changes sweeping across the world, technology and transformation management is an unavoidable strategic tool for all organizations. Adding on to it, the manifestation of mobile phone usage necessitates its adoption. If an organisation is not able to identify, strategize and transform to this new technology it is likely to miss out on a lot of opportunities that offer scope for sustainability. This research paper intends to understand the path of transforming from a traditional to an ICT enabled mobile-learning (M-learning) environment. Primary data was collected using questionnaires from employees of an ITES organisation who were to adopt a mobile platform to undergo training. The constructs like awareness, perceived benefits and difficulties, technological factors, organisation support were considered as determinants of transformation to m-learning. Data analysis was done using SPSS software. It was found that transformation to mobile based methodology is smoother if the user understands the ensuing benefits. On the other hand, perceived difficulties act as a deterrent to the transformation. Hence the key to success of the transformation is to keep the end user in mind. Further exploration of other similar training platform provided to different levels of employees and different modules are yet to be explored.

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Dr. Usha. S. (2019). Transformation To An ICT Enabled M-Learning Environment - An Organisational Perspective. GIS Business, 14(6), 183-189.