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As businesses evolve; the compelling need for rapid economic growth is being a must have outcome and that puts the complete focus digitalization which eventually brings in, its twin to the foray; the disruption which by itself, a very turbid terrain for owners to venture into. The implementation of digital engine with disruptive thinking into some line of function in an organization or for strengthening of the process or an entirely new business itself is being considered as an eventual requirement or need of the hour to grow the revenues substantially or scale the business itself to a different plane by quickly adapting and developing innovative ideas.  This very means of D&D, i.e. the disruptive thinking implemented through digitalization is still opaque.


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Shaik Ghiasuddin, Dr. Latha Lavanya, & Dr. Latha Lavanya. (2019). Digitalization and Disruption A Genesis to Faster Economic Growth in Businesses. GIS Business, 14(6), 221-223.