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Job satisfaction is an important factor for employees working in formal and informal sector. The job is small or big, permanent or temporary, risky or non-risky, job satisfaction is important. It is the mental feeling which drives the employees to excel. Job satisfaction is a combination of psychological, physiological and environmental circumstances. A satisfied employee is a contented and happy human being. The labour turnover depends upon job satisfaction. Even highly paid employees quit the job when they are not satisfied with the job. Road transportation in Tamilnadu is growing day by day. Job stress in the road transportation is very high due to increase in number of vehicle playing on the road and heavy traffic. The drivers and conductors working in public transport corporation are suffering from high job stress. If drivers and conductors are not satisfied with their job which leads to mental stresses and affects the productivity and also creates accidents. In this present study the researchers made an attempt to study the level of job satisfaction among the drivers and conductors who are working in the Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC). The study reveals the expectations of drivers and conductors working in TNSTC with regards to the attributes like salary, promotion and fringe benefits etc., are satisfactory and not detrimental. 

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M. Ganesan, K, K. Veerakumar, N. R Vembu, Dr. M. K Durgamani, & Dr. Renuka. (2019). A Study on Job Satisfaction among Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) Employees at Tiruvarur Branch. GIS Business, 14(6), 230-242.