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Painting provides better attraction and protection to the building. It is  used for preventing the chemical attack, ultra virus light, protecting from extreme solar and moisture even it able protect from germs  There are different types of brands are also playing the predominant role in the field of painting. Even the non-skid protective paint coatings are also used by the modern house to prevent slipping, while some exterior paints are used as attractive in the eyes of people. In general, the paints are protecting the building as well as attracting the people to have a positive opinion on the house. At this juncture, the research in this field is adding some extra feather to this painting industry. The present study is focused on to analyze the various factors which are influencing the consumer’s influence on purchase decision. At this juncture, the paint manufacturing companies are putting all efforts to hold the greater market share, it is very important to analyze the brand perception of consumers and their final purchase.

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Dr. N.R.Vembu, Dr. M.Ganesan, Dr. K.Veerakumar, Dr R. Renuka, & Dr.Velavan. (2019). Perception of Customer on Buying Branded Paints in Kumbakonam Town. GIS Business, 14(6), 272-279.