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There is a paradigm shift in the purchasing behaviour after the strong emergence of e-commerce stores and number of internet users. Online shopping has opened the doors of globalization and changes consumers’ preferences towards choices, services, product attributes, selling and buying strategies. Online shopping has given a wide range of buyers the capacity to purchase anything, anyplace, and any item, paying little respect to where its area is in any part of the world. This present research aims to find out the important factors which influence the consumers’ buying behaviour towards online shopping in Tamilnadu. For this purpose the researcher has taken 160 samples from leading and most popular 10 online shops under random sampling method with in Tamilnadu state during the year 2013. It is observed from the study that 24 hours services, heavy discounts and offers, unavailability of products in the local market, wide range of products and offer gifts for every purchase are the top five important factors which drive the respondents to purchase products through online stores. The study identified that wide range of products, quick delivery, cancellation & returns are the top three most influencing factors in selecting the online stores.

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K. Veerakumar, M. Ganesan, & N. R. Vembu. (2019). Consumers’ Perception Towards Online Shopping in Tamilnadu: An Empirical Study. GIS Business, 14(6), 280-300.