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The system of performance management is a complicated interconnected array of things to do holistically viewed as a built-in and multiplied toll road in an institution's journey in the course of the achievement of the goals by using nurturing and harnessing personnel resources, strengthening their skills to attain enduring comparative benefits. This survey and study undertaken intends to elucidate the effect of performance management technique on employee involvement. The degree of participation and membership of the employees in the policy making process of the organization is discerned to be the reflection of its Employee Involvement (EI).  The statistics for the primary study was gathered from 200 scientists employed in Research and development organisations at the national level and the survey which was carried out during the first three months of 2019 is expected to articulate and reinforce the view that performance management system as the predictor impacts the result employee involvement.

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Ms. Tessla Arakal, Ms. Neenu Wilson, & Dr. Sebastian Rupert Mampilly. (2019). PMS And EI: An Empirical Attestation Among Scientists. GIS Business, 14(6), 321-329.