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CSR is something that is very important to pertain to today’s business environment. The CSR activities in India are given innate importance because of its long-term effectivity in context to the organizations. Several Indian organizations have adopted CSR strategies to incorporate sustainability in context to their organization. Recognizing that CSR plays a key role in creating jobs and resources in the business community, CSR is generally understood as a means of balancing or consolidating economic, environmental and social barriers when a company fulfills expectations. For this research, the use of persuasive methods to create effective frameworks has been considered. Concerning the current study about CSR, the researcher has applied persuasive approaches to achieve better results. This research study is based on qualitative assumptions, the researcher has used secondary resources to collect potential data from past studies and published journals. This study is subjected to the significance of CSR in the context of India. This study will define CSR and its importance in India. Further, it will analyze CSR related challenges in India. The main focus of the study will consider why CSR was adopted in the country.

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Yogesh Hole, Snehal Pawar-Hole, & Shilpa Bendale. (2019). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In India: A Conceptual Framework. GIS Business, 14(6), 330-340.