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In India, higher education is a need of hour. The excellence of Higher Edification decides the production of skilled manpower to the nation.

Indian education system significantly teaching has not been tested too economical to form youths of our country employable in line with the requirement of job market. Despite the rise in range of establishments at primary, secondary and tertiary level our young educated folks don't seem to be capable of being used and recovering job opportunities. Reason being they need not non-heritable such skills essential for demand of the duty market.

The present study is aimed at analyzing the status of higher education institutions in terms of Infrastructure, various courses of the institute, quality Initiatives and skill development program offered by the Institutes, in the North-East India region, so as to see whether the Higher Educational Institutes of this region are in the process of gradually developing the skills of the students in attaining excellence. The paper also laid emphasis on the measures adopted by these institutes for quality improvement, and to find out their role in combating the adversity acclaimed in the region, since this region’s development is impeded by certain inherent difficulties However, this paper focuses attention on high quality education with special emphasis on higher education for forward linkages through value addition.

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Dr. Mini Jain, & Dr. Mini Jain. (2019). Value Addition Through Higher Education: With Special Reference To Skill Development In North East India. GIS Business, 14(6), 341-348.