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Packaging is considered as a vital tool to grasp the attention of the customers and to influence the customers’ decision making process. The interest of the customers is also increasing in the product package which stimulates the impulse buying behavior. The present study aims to explore the impact of elements of packaging (color, design, font style, material and information printed) on the purchase decision of a customer in Indian FMCG sector. A sample of 200 respondents was taken and responses were recorded by questionnaire by using convenience sampling technique. Tools like correlation, reliability analysis and regression model were used for analyzing the data collected. The result indicated a significant correlation between packaging elements and customer purchase intention. Regression model revealed color, design and information strong influencers. No empirical evidence was found to validate the influence of material used and font style on customer purchase decision.

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Dr. Reena Malik, & Dr. Vikas Bhargaw. (2020). Packaging Attributes Influencing Customers’ Purchase Decision- A Study of FMCG Sector. GIS Business, 15(5), 71-79. Retrieved from