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Achieving export diversification that impact on sustainable economic growth has
been the focus of scholars in recent period. The consensus among these scholars is
that export diversification impact positively on sustainable economic growth.
However, this paper argues that the positive impact of export diversification on
sustainable economic growth cannot be achievable in the absence of strong
institutional and governance system especially in Africa context with weak
institution and poor governance system. Against this backdrop, this paper seeks to
examine the mediating roles of a set of institutional and governance systems in the
context of how they affect export diversification that impact positively on sustainable
economic growth in Africa. Using panel regression model estimated using
Generalized Method of Moment technique, our study documents that strong
institutional and governance indicators have long – run significant and positive
relationship with export diversification in African.

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Isaac M.Ikpor, Beatrice C. Eneje, Emeka H. Nwosu, & Clementina Kanu. (2020). Does Export Diversification Really Drives Sustainable Economic Growth in Africa? . GIS Business, 15(5), 80-94. Retrieved from