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The main aspect of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is the assessment of the learning outcomes of Universities and Colleges in India, i.e. Institutions of higher education. The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) has released a modified version of the self –assessment report (SAR) for institutions in the country for them to measure their out­come from OBE. Twelve different criteria with regard to Bachelor of Commerce have been considered in this paper. These criteria assess the quality of (A&F) offered by Universi­ties. Criteria 3 assess the programme outcomes (Pos) trough attainment of course outcomes (COs). This paper presents a simplified approach for the measurement of attain­ment of Co and Po. The approach can be extended to measure the attainment of program Spe­cific Outcomes (PSO) also.

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Dr. V. Andal, Dr. V. Vijayalaskhmi, & Dr. N. Manivannan. (2020). A Study on Attainment of Programme Outcome of B.Com Through Course Outcomes. GIS Business, 15(5), 107-118. Retrieved from