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The online food delivery in not an very easy task in this present days of virus problems in the all over the world, but it’s an very related and important service sector in the present days. The level of services given by the online food delivery is one of the important food suppliers in the society, so in this article gave the important place to the food delivery company in India and the state of Tamil Nadu. The study contained the introduction, objectives, scope, importance of the study, tools used in this necessity place. The findings, suggestions and the conclusion are all make only by the way getting the detailed information the related respondents in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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Dr. N. MANIVANNAN, & Dr. P. GOVINDARAJU. (2020). An Economical Problems Faced By the Online Food Delivery Companies in Tamilnadu With Present Situation of Covid-19. GIS Business, 15(5), 125-133. Retrieved from