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The influence of treatment of seeds of cotton, wheat and soybean with nanopreparations on the content of micro and macro elements is shown.In cotton seeds treated with various nanopreparations, the highest concentration of copper was found when using nanochitosan 5.8203 mg / kg and nanoascorbate chitosan - 5.2335 mg / kg, which is 1.4 and 1.2 times more than in the control version.The copper concentration in the seeds treated withpolymetal complex PMСCu2 +: Ag (different concentrations) and ascorbate chitosan were lower than the control. According to the content of copper concentration in wheat seeds, the highest result was obtained with PMС Cu2 +: Ag (different concentration) treated with the drug, which showed an excess of control by 15.3% and 11.8%, respectively. In soybean seeds, compared with monthly plants, the copper concentration decreased significantly. In seeds treated with PMС Cu2 +: Ag, the concentration decreased in monthly plants by almost 1.5 times compared with the concentration in seeds, and in ascorbate chitosan treated with the drug by 2.4 times.

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Rashidova Dilbar Karimovna, Amanturdiev Shavkat Balkibaevich, Sharipov Shukhrat Tulkinovich, & Shpilevsky Vitaly Nikolayevich. (2020). Action Of Nanopreparations On The Contents Of Micro And Macroelements In Seeds And Seedlings Of Agricultural Crops. International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 12(3), 86-95. Retrieved from