• Ms Vandana


In the world ,there exists a language beyond boundaries loved by every living being which soothes the mind titled music.Its a fragrance spread across the universe,blossoms like a flower deep within,flutters the heart beat,gives immense joy,affection and peace.

                In an Indian setup,there is a normal tendency among parents to focus on children’s education.I was no exception with impetus to study.Have been a traveller since childhood,lived at various places,met new people,interacted with different cultures in this land of diversity.The only permanent thing has been change.At convent schools there is a tradition to sing carols on every sunday and a week before christmas by visiting people’s homes with guitar.As a kid of fifth grade,started humming and my teacher enrolled me to participate in chorus.From then on sang at church and small gatehrings.Had no opportunity to learn music and focus of parents was on education.Time passed by and after finishing education with flying colours,landed in a job.