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The stakeholders in education in Embu County led by the County Director of education and County Quality and Standards Officer in collaboration with the Embu County Senator expressed their concern about the declining performance in Kenya primary Certificate of Education (KCPE).  Counselling Research Institute of Kenya (CRIKE) in collaboration with the County Education office decided to carry out a survey targeting the Head teachers with the aim of finding out factors affecting pupils’ performance in KCPE. The study targeted 200 head teachers out of 475 to ensure the information obtained is a true reflection of the issues under the study. Descriptive research method and purposive sampling were applied. The data was analyzed using bar graphs, frequency tables and pie charts. The study found that the boy-child in the county is neglected and their enrolment in declining. The study revealed other factors that affect pupils KCPE results such as retrogressive cultural practices like female genital mutilation and early marriages, school factors such as inadequate resources and facilities, lack of proper organized pupils school feeding program, lack of motivation among the teachers and pupils, lack of adequate capacity building among the teachers and inadequate supervision of curriculum supervision by the head teachers. The recommend development of boy- child mentorship program, capacity building for teacher , involvement of local leaders in fighting the retrogressive cultural practices affecting education for both girls and boys, intensification of schools supervision to enhance teachers professionalism and increased involvements of parents in educational programs.

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Kamore, S. K. (2018). Head teachers’ Perspective of the Factors Affecting Performance in the Kenya Primary Certificate of Education National Examination in Embu County, Kenya. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(1), 1-20.