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In the time of arranged data, Internet is the biggest overall system that has risen as a capable instructive apparatus for a moment access to data. It has had an enormous effect on the scholastic exercises of the instructors and understudies. Data is only a 'finger touch' far from the client and it would not be improper to state that the Internet has turned into the greatest worldwide computerized data library, which gives the quickest access to the correct sort of data in nano-seconds to end client, whenever and at wherever on the planet. The progression of innovation in the 21st century, cleared route for the boundless plans to imagine innumerable advanced gadgets, which are for the most part utilized by people these days. This innovative insurgency considered the supposed mechanical wilderness encompassing our planet. New media is a strategy for mass correspondence, utilizing advanced advances, for example, the Internet. It is open on any advanced gadget, for the most part containing intuitive client input and innovative interest. Normal cases of new media incorporate sites, for example, online daily papers, sites, or wikis, computer games, and web-based social networking.

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Ahmad, F., & Rafay, M. (2018). Practice of New Media among Students. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(1), 77-82.