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This article opens enormous scope to analyze medieval women poetic power and divinity in context of literature and nature, because their poetics present a magnitude of human struggle within the social environment, which in itself represents a part of nature. As a woman poetess Mirabai as well as Gulbadan-Bano-Begam were the first to reflect upon the humanity, nature and God in creative unity and as a poetess of divinity they were the first to locate diversity and disharmony between the men and the nature. They felt pity for the human laws, customs, traditions and the humans violation of the nature’s law that sings music of sublimity, nobility and joyousness. The study engenders the intellectual simulation, dialogue and significance not only in context of gender and voice, but it also throws an alternative perspective to rethink and reinvent Indian History in context of environment, ecological balance and cosmic harmony.

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Kumar, R. (2018). Women and Literature in Medieval India. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(2), 1-7.