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Fashion is currently one of the things that are noticed by the public, one of them is a student. Fashion is a trend affecting individuals to be able to adjust themselves through what it wears. The condition of students who are generally still looking for money from parents, also influence students in the decision to change the goods. This study aims to measure Self control of impulsive purchases in buying fashion products on boarding students. Subjects in this study were boarding students. The scale used in this study is the Self Control Scale (SCS) and impulse purchase scale. Data analysis method used is simple linear regression analysis. The results obtained in this study indicate that the hypothesis proposed is the self control of impulsive purchases in the purchase of products on boarding students. Based on regression test results. There are variables that have weakness that is weak and can be controlled by themselves with the effect of 11.2% to the impulse purchase. It is also known that students in this case have a degree of Self control classified in the category of moderate and impulsive purchases are also included in the category is.

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Wulandari, W. (2018). The Effects of Self Control to Impulsive Buying in Buying Fashion Products on Boarding Students. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(8), 19-25.