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The study examined the relationship between staff human resource management and academic performance of accounting students in secondary schools. The study was conducted in Akoko South-West LGA, Ondo State. Two research questions guided the study while two hypotheses were tested. A correlation survey research design was adopted and the study population comprised all the teachers in public and private secondary schools in the State. A multi-stage sampling method was used for the study.  Simple random technique was used to select five (5) senior secondary schools in Akoko South-West area of the State, while proportional sampling method was used to select twenty (20) secondary school teachers from each secondary school, totally 100 teachers serving as the respondents for the study. The instrument used for data collection was a 10 items researchers’ developed instrument titled; “Staff Human Resource Management and Academic Performance of Questionnaire (SHRMAPQ)”. The face validation of the instrument was established by two research experts. Pearson product moment correlation was used to obtain a reliability of correlation co-efficient of r=0.61 indicating that the instrument was reliable for the study. Copies of the questionnaire were distributed and retrieved by the researchers. Data were analyzed using frequency count and simple percentage to answer the research questions, while the research hypotheses were tested using regression inferential statistical method. The study found out among others that recruitment process, proper placement of teachers in schools, regular performance evaluation have positive influence on accounting students’ academic performance. Based on the finding, it was recommended among others that school managers should ensure that teachers are constantly updated by organizing suitable developmental programmes like conferences, workshops, seminars, professional courses, and in-service training to enable them perform their instructional delivery task in a professional manner. Conclusion was drawn.

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Chiedozie, O. L., Victor, A. A., & Thomas S., F. (2018). Relationship between Staff Human Resource Management and Academic Performance of Accounting Students in Secondary Schools in Akoko South-West, Ondo State. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(8), 31-41.