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Psychological well-being can make a doctor have good quality and competence in handling patients, so it is important for a doctor who is still in the education profession to have it. One way to get psychological well-being is to have emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence makes someone able to manage his emotions well where it affects interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. This study aims to examine the contribution of emotional intelligence to psychological well-being in young doctors (co-ass). Respondents in this study were young doctors in generation Y (birth 1981-2000), with a total of 170 people. The analysis technique used is response theory items to test the reliability of measuring instruments and respondents, and multiple linear regression for testing hypotheses. The results of this study indicate that emotional intelligence contributes to psychological well-being by 56.6% , with a significance of 0.000 (p <0.01). This means that emotional intelligence can make a person feel psychological well-being as much as 56.6% very significantly.

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Februari, D. F. A., & Prabowo, H. (2018). Contribution of Emotional Intelligence against Psychological Well-Being on Young Doctor. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(8), 129-136.