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This study aimed to analyze and compare differences in occupational stress, depressive symptoms, work ability and working environment among residents working in various medical specialties. Occupational stress will result in decreasing the efficiency and increasing the occupational hazards inside and outside the work environment.It have been introduced as the most important ones for job stress in nursing is equipment and medicine shortages, lack of standard equipment, inappropriate physical environment of hospital, disease transmission, lack of timely medical attendance, and poor communication with co-workers. In occurrence of emergency situations, conflict with the authorities, work rotation, and frequent change of tasks are among the stressful factors for nurses. Hence, conducting a qualitative study in this regard can help to clarify the stress factors in medical field.

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M. Vidhusha, & Dr. K. Selvavinayagam. (2019). A Study On Stress Management Among Doctors And Nurses Working In Government Hospitals In Salem And Dharmapuri District . Restaurant Business, 118(12), 7-15. Retrieved from