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Siddha is considered to be one of the oldest medicines with its own benefits. In this modern era, people are more aware towards their health. At many circumstances of illness, people use Siddha medicines to cure their disease. Siddha is preferred for its own specialties. This paper has attempted to reveal the awareness towards Siddha medicines taking 52 respondents from Dharmapuri City. The results were analysed by using various statistical techniques like percentage analysis, chi-square and t test. Siddha focuses on the eight supernatural powers called as ‘Ashtaamahasiddhi’ and those who achieved these powers were known as siddhars. Hence it is called as siddha medicine. The siddhars knowledge was found in palm leaf manuscripts and their fragments were found in some parts of south India.

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M. Chitra, & Dr. C. Madhesh. (2019). A Study On Consumer Awareness Towards Siddha Medicine In Dharmapuri City. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 16-23. Retrieved from