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The objective of this paper is to find out the consumer awareness and influence towards Jaisuryas Departmental Stores in Salem City. A total of 48 consumers of Jaisuryas Departmental Store were surveyed in the two branches of Jaisuryas Departmental Stores at Salem city. Descriptive analysis and Chi-Square were implemented in the study. The result depicts the level of awareness and the various factors which affects the consumer character and behaviour towards the Departmental Stores. This paper reveals the secret of successful retailing such as good quality products, lowest prices and guaranteed satisfaction and overall a pleasant shopping experience will help the departmental stores to achieve great success in retail industry. 

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S. KAVITHA, & Dr. C. MADHESH. (2019). A Study On Consumer Awareness And Influence Towards Jaisuryas Departmental Stores In Salem City. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 24-31. Retrieved from