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The tourism industry was becoming an important sector in many countries including Malaysia. Malaysia tourism can contribute to foreign exchange earnings, creates employment opportunity and increase in economic sectors. Singaporean tourist visited Johor because of several factors that attracted Singaporean tourists to revisit. In order to improved tourism sector in Johor, this studied identifies the relationship between push and pull factors influencing the intention of Singaporean tourists to revisit Johor. The influence of food tourism and theory of push and pull factors constructs (self-exploratory, relaxation, natural landscape, events and activities, history and culture, and social interaction) on the intention to revisit Johor were examined.

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Zailani, N. F. I., Ahmad, A., Jumar, N. K., Mohamad Dzaraby, N. Z., & Mohd Rafi, M. N. (2019). Pull and Push Factors Influencing Singaporean tourists Intention to Revisit Johor. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 263-288. Retrieved from