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Today’s consumers are too smart to buy their needs through various means. But before buying their needs, they go through various online sites and social media review about product performances and price. While surfing these information they can able to evaluate its real value and price advantages, since online establishment need not spend cost for showroom with staff. Consumers need not roam here and there to various shops to evaluate the product performance and its cost. Moving from one place to other is tedious journey and time consuming part. It is also difficult to ensure their required models are available or not. Moreover, consumers can view forthcoming new models in the manufacture’s site whereas these details may not be shared in showrooms. Earlier accessing internet is complicated and needs a system to view. Now this can be accessed through smart phone. The prices of smart phone were also drastically lowered. After the entry of Jio network, the cost of one GB data were brought down to Rs 15/to Rs 20/- from Rs 250/-.

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