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Housing is one of the basic human need and is next in importance to food and clothing.  Housing finance is more discriminating in economically developing countries like India. Housing circumstances are a key pointer of socio-economic development. There is a hasty growth in housing and related housing finance activity has understandably led to the growth of Indian housing finance market. The customer of housing finance today has also become conscious about his requirements and necessities of housing finance for both internal and external funds for this reason. The total housing finance institutions are distributed as public sector and private sector housing companies in India. Both are playing a major role in housing finance in India. Particularly the HFIs play a vital role in providing housing finance and most importantly external sources of funds.

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Rao, D. C. H. G., Srinu, M. M., & Rao, D. P. S. (2019). The Influence of Demographic Factors on Problems Encountered By Home Loan Borrowers in India. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 580-597. Retrieved from