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Al-Mubard ( Mohammad Bin Yazeed who died in 285 hijri) one of the most important linguists and Arab grammarians,who enlarged the Quranic evidences and put them in the first rank of  the audible and originally taken  to determine the rules and provisions. This is evident in his great number of Quranic quotations , in what he surrounded the Quranic verse of sanctity and also clear in his embarrassing of interpretation  and appreciation of the Quranic verse and it’s explanation.

As for the Quranic readings, Al-Mubarad’s situation of them is different for the evidences of the Quranic text , and this what the research tries to reveal it by showing  Al-Mubard’s situation of the quranic readings in term of his approach in the insertion of the readings and accepting it to read or challenge it.

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