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The expansion in the quantity of e-shopper is more prominent than the development in netizens, showing that more netizens are getting settled to shop on the web. The essential purpose of this assessment is to contemplate the shrewdness of the millennial customer towards e-shopping and besides isolate this knowledge age pack tight brace. Hence, with the support of a usefulconvenient sampling technique, 384 millennial consumers were picked and data was accumulated through a structured questionnaire. In view ofdata analysis, it is revealed that a large portion of the millennial customers was umpired that e-shopping is a superior choice than manual shopping and a large portion of the twenty to thirty-year-olds were happy with their e-shopping transactions. Millennial consumers agree with the clarification that electronic shopping is moreexpensive than manual shopping, it puts separately more exertion to pass on the things, and they are standing up to issues while making on the online purchase.

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Venkatesh , D., & Bansal , D. R. (2019). Discernment of Millennial Consumers (Gen Y) Towards E-Shopping: An Indian Perspective Study. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 794-801. Retrieved from