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Marketing plays a vital role in delivering the product to the consumer. Delivering the product according to the consumer taste is more important. Providing a different marketing strategy helps in attracting all kind of consumers.  This research is to find out the major marketing strategies adopted by FMCG companies attract the consumers to buy the products, to measure the impact of store promotion on that buying decision and to determine the factors influencing the consumer to buy the food, health products and beverages. The research used340 respondents from Madukkarai, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Convenience Sampling technique was used. Descriptive Statistics, Factor Analysis, and Multiple Regression were used to analysis the data. From the analysis, it was found that Multi-Branding and Promotion strategy plays an important role in attracting the consumer towards the product. From analyzing the factors, it was revealed that physical factor, psychological factor, visibility factor, and internal factor plays a role in influencing consumer buying behaviour. Regression analysis reveal that some of the store promotion strategies like attractive product display, special discounts, gifts, prizes, free items, an in-store television display, in-store radio, vouchers/coupons, the behavior of sales people and store fragrances has an impact on consumer buying decision/behavior. So it is clear that consumers are attracted to attractive marketing strategies to buy a product.

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