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  The research aims to build a mathematical model to analyze the performance of companies using non-financial indicators by data and explanations received from companies at the end of each financial period, so as to complement the approved models using financial indicators. The research assumed that the proposed model is not suitable for the use of non-financial indicators as a tool for predicting the financial default. The research was based on the applied side on the Iraqi industrial joint stock selected companies for the period (2009-2017). A group of default and non-default companies were selected for the purpose of testing the research sample, in order to achieve the main objective of the study, which is to build a model for predicting the financial default of the industrial sector for Iraqi public shareholding companies.

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Layla Naji Majeed Al Fatlawi. (2019). Analysis of the Reality of Forecasting Corporate Default Using Non - Financial Indicators - A Suggested Model. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 863-879. Retrieved from