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In light of the large facilities provided by the electronic environment in the field of telecommunications, payment systems and account management in the banking sector and other financial institutions, but there are significant risks faced by these facilities through breaches, manipulation and speed in financial circulation, so we must provide a smart system to identify the intrusion "weaknesses" "Within the accounting systems to avoid manipulation and theft, in this paper we have built a smart system to monitor the accounting activities within the accounting systems in financial institutions and in a way that does not know the user, whatever his knowledge of the system. The proposed model has been implemented on a banking system in one of the financial institutions and some unintended manipulations and intentional were identified and the defaults were determined and the decisions taken by the management strictly based on the indicators provided by the system and helped to make the decision and this is a distinct step in the field of electronic control of accounts.


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Mazin Haithem Razuky, Miaad Hameed Ali, & Mohaned Abdu Alrahaman Salman. (2019). Intelligent System To Monitor Bank Account Systems As Secure Tools. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 880-886. Retrieved from